A Major Twist on Senior Year

Coming into this year I had many expectations. I was so excited to get to play the sports I loved with some of my favorite people. Never did I expect to be cut short an entire season of one of those sports, and so many other senior year memories.

Liberty Christian’s softball team was solid this year. We had great players all over the field. Most of the team, if not all, were anticipating another PAAC Conference championship title and we’re praying for a sectional title that many believed we would earn. The team was confident entering this season. I knew the second we all got together for the first practice that we were excited to go out and make Liberty history. Sadly, we were unable to get that chance.

One of the hardest parts about this season being cancelled was the fact that I did not get to play most of last season either due to an ACL tear during 2018-2019 basketball season. I was only able to play in a few games last season, which was tough itself. I never could have dreamed something like this was possible.

My heart is broken. It is broken not only because I was unable to have a senior softball season, but it is broken for all of the seniors who also did not get a spring sports season. I am deeply sorry for everyone who has been affected by the pandemic.

I want to thank everyone who has been apart of the journey. Thank you to all of the coaches who were unable to coach this season, thank you to the umpires who were unable to call strikes and balls, thank you to those who ran scoreboard and worked in the concession stands. Thank you all for your generosity and kind hearts. You are appreciated more than you realize. Thank you to all of my teammates and friends. I love you all. I enjoyed every moment of my four years in athletics and would not trade any of them for anything. Liberty Christian, thank you for so many unforgettable memories. You will be missed. #10out

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