Lions Volleyball Tournament

The Lady Lions come up short in three games over the weekend during the Marion Invitational Tournament. They played against 3 teams, the Marion Giants, Southside Archers, and Eastbrook Panthers. They played incredible games at the tournament and even saw some of the new players step up. Ada Erny and Reeve Jarrel are both freshmen on the varsity team and they are both made impacts. Ada said, “It felt like a big accomplishment to make the team as a freshman. I work hard to get where I am in volleyball and it’s great to see my work pay off.” She continued, ” I hope to impact the team through my positive attitude and encouragement.” Reeve Jarrel, the other freshman, said “Being a freshman on the varsity team is a little stressful. As an underclassman, I am looking up to the older girls, and learning from them so it can be a little intimidating at times.” She goes on, “I am going to impact the team by working hard and focusing on bringing a positive attitude on and off the court.” Just know that these girls might be young but they are impacting the team and kept it up!

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