Lions Fall Against the Owls

In Monday night’s volleyball game, the Lions hold against the Owls at the Den. It was kinda one side knowing that they would lose, but they came in with a fight and controlling the game. The first set was a loss, but they were ready for the next set. The second set was interesting and they were in the set and at one point were even tied with the Owls, but the Owls took it and won that set too. In the third set, Maddy R. and Maddy M. saw taking the set as their only chance and tried to keep themselves composed. Maddy Rees said, “It was a great experience because it allowed us to see what a great team can look like.” Even though they lost their last set they were positive towards their team and was very encouraging to them. Maddy continued, “As the season progresses our team will continue to grow and become stronger as long as we can continue to encourage each other and keep our heads up. ” At the end of the day they played a good team and they competed with them.

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