Lady Lions Fall in the Madison County Tournament

Last night in the Madison County Volleyball Tournament, the Lady Lions lost against the Tigers and the Panthers.

In the first game, it was a little rocky, but the Lions had some good plays in the run, but the Tigers won both sets with the first set being 25- 10 and the second set being 25-14.

The second game they came in with a fight at the start, but the Panthers got the best of them. The Panthers didn’t win it easy, because our Lady Lions were not going to stop. The first set was 25-19 and the second set was 25-19! Coach Carry said about the game was, ¨He was very pleased about the games. They are starting to do what we are asking to do. They talk a lot more and they are playing a lot more with hustle. They are just getting over feared with mistakes, but I like what I am seeing right now.¨ Coach Tay also added, ¨ I think that they played the best they have as a team… I think a lot of the time we’ve been playing as six people and tonight we played like one… So it was a lot better and we are proud of what they have done.

There next game is at Elwood vs APA @ 9 am to finish the tournament.

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