Jordan Armogum: Advances To Semi State

In cross country, there are no timeouts, subs, or breaks. You run until you complete the race or you’re disqualified. So having your friends to run beside you and encourage you as you run can make the experience much more enjoyable. This is what it is like for sophomore Jordan Armogum. Armogum will be running in the upcoming semi-state cross country meet this Saturday at Purdue Fort Wayne at 1:00 pm. Armogum finished 27th in the regional race which advanced him to semi-state. However, he is the only one from his team to advance this far.

Now since the team season is over, Armogum continues to run on his own. However, he would rather be running with his teammates. He said, “One of the biggest things that got me to where I am this year was actually my team. It’s so much easier to push yourself when you’ve got others around you keeping you accountable for how you work. No one put ‘just enough’ effort into this season, everyone wanted to achieve and surpass what was expected of them.” Coach Max Wuethrich agrees that Armogum is focused on his team, “When the team won PAAC championship Jordan was visibly more excited than when he was announced a Semi-State Finalist. He was very team-oriented and that is what drives him.”

Armogum’s freshman year he made it to regionals however, he did not advance. His goal for the season was to get close to or break a 17:30 time, but he knows he has to step up and work harder to get past semi-state and move on to state. Armogum said, “I’ve still got a week of training left; I’m not going to stop until I’m tired, I’m going to stop when I’m done. It’s a long shot, and I have to step it up big time in order to get to State, but it’s still within reach.”

(This feature story was written with contributions from Maddy Harmon.)

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