Armogum Finishes Cross Country Season In Semi-State Meet

Jordan Armogum competed in his last race of the season on Saturday, October 26 in the Semi-State qualifying game. The race did not have the greatest weather conditions. It was cold and raining the entire day and the course was very narrow making it difficult to pass other runners. Jordan ran an 18:30 to end his season.

Coach Max Wuethrich said, ” The whole course is really narrow and tight so we tried to strategize having a much faster start to the race because it would be harder to pass people. Jordan didn’t start out fast enough and was pretty close to the back of the pack by the time the course narrowed out. He was also dealing with some back pain from an injury¬†earlier¬†in the week so that made it really difficult to run the pace he wanted to. He was in quite a bit of pain, but he still ran a respectable 18:30. He ran with a lot of guts and heart and that’s what is commendable for him. Next year he will be more mentally prepared to race more competitively and hopefully have a teammate with him as well! “

(Written with contributions from Maddy Harmon and Mr. Brown)

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