Who Is The GOAT?

Ever since this pandemic has started there have been no basketball games. Because of this ESPN decided to release Michael Jordan’s documentary about his last season with the Chicago Bulls called “The Last Dance” early. So I’ve watched the first 8 episodes of the 10 part documentary. For someone who never got to see Michael Jordan play because he was before my time. It has been interesting to see what he did and to know why he’s the “GOAT”.

I always thought and knew he was a good player because I’ve seen some highlights from his time playing. One thing I discovered was that Michael Jordan was competitive with anything he did and he would do whatever it takes to win at the littlest thing. I believe that’s a good thing and a bad thing. He always wants to win and that’s great but, then it has also gotten him in trouble. So I do think that Lebron is still the GOAT because Lebron was overall stronger than Jordan and didn’t have to build up muscle to beat a team. I know Lebron was always the best all-around player.

I’ve been watching Lebron for the longest time now and there’s always people saying “Well if Lebron played in Jordan’s era he wouldn’t win anything”, but I Believe Lebron would’ve done good in his era. He wouldn’t have to rely on the three as much as this era. Another thing people say is that “Jordan has six rings and Lebron only has three rings, but Lebron also had to carry bad teams to the finals and lose with them multiple times.

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