How Will This New Rule Affect Liberty Athletics?

Commentary by Maddy Harmon

Liberty has begun enforcing a new rule that may affect athletic programs. Student-athletes are just that, student-athletes with student coming first. Students involved in athletics are required to put all school work in front of any athletic event. When a student does not fulfill this expectation, consequences are beginning to be enforced more than usual. If a student does not complete his or her homework on time, then that student may not participate in any athletic event until they have completed their work.

Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) requires a student to have good grades in order to maintain eligibility. Liberty is simply trying to make every athlete eligible and able to do what they enjoy. Principal Adam Freeman thinks this will help the students here at Liberty. He says, “The mid-term of the quarter is Friday, September 6th. I believe that this an important time for students (and specifically student-athletes) to be aware of their progress. While the IHSAA has its standard for extracurricular eligibility, at Liberty we encourage students, families, and staff to have a higher standard. All of our actions and efforts, both in the classroom and in the athletic arena, should reflect who God created us to be.” The school only is wanting what is best for the students.

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